From one newsroom to another

My colleagues & I at The Citizen pitch room interacting with news editor Amanda Watson.

A moment in the life of a journalist.

As a student journalist I did not really get a gist of what the job demanded until I began writing and witnessing the efforts that go into it.

The trip to The Citizen and Caxton further emphasised just how much dedication goes into the job.

Upon arrival we all could not help but notice just how far out of Johannesburg CBD it was. All we were surrounded by were buildings, factories and heavy lifting trucks that moved about, doing their job.

The quiet but rather busy space was different and slightly depressing. We were away from the people, music and heart of the city.

But that didn’t take away from the moment and exploring other newsrooms.

Once we entered the building to The Citizen we were instantly met by individuals busy on their screens. We were also met by a dark room with no natural lighting nor views! The dark space could easily make one forget the time of day.

However, the welcoming staff added light to the space through their warm greetings throughout our tour.

Being able to see for myself what the job entailed really revealed how much passion and dedication is required. Without any of that, one will fail to appreciate the triumphs of completing an article and seeing the impact it’s made while carrying the duty of delivering truthful and accurate information to the people.

Being out and about and away from the Vuvuzela newsroom and into another, really brought a lot into perspective.

I do not really know what is store for me on my journey beyond Wits Vuvuzela and it scares me, but I definitely do look forward to it.

Being at The Citizen and seeing the commitment to pleasing and writing for their readers was wonderful to witness.

The news is still very much alive and relevant. Although newsrooms are getting smaller, many are dedicated to delivering quality news that is up to date and accurate.

Media houses will definitely be a constant in society and that is a space I look forward to contributing to.

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