Diary of a tired gen Z

This is the first entry of my online diary. This series is about growth, triumph, exhaustion but also resilience, failure and joy. It follows my journey as an aspiring journalist in her early 20’s.

So, my name is Malaika Ditabo and I am an exhausted Gen Z who is currently fighting to complete my postgraduate degree in Journalism. I am a lover of ice, sleep and everything nice! I enjoy life and most of what it has to offer, however, I must admit that I am beyond tired.

There is so much happening, and time seems to just be slipping by and away from my reach no matter how hard I try to catch up. There are assignments to complete, maintaining relationships with my loved ones and just trying to return to myself but even that I am failing miserably.

What’s been keeping me afloat though is God’s favour including the love and faith my family has in me.

This year has been so challenging. Emotionally, mentally, physically, in all aspects it has just been beyond overwhelming.

However, as we draw to the end of August which happens to be a very hot day due to climate change doing a number on us, today has been a much calmer day than others and for that I am grateful.

We have so much to do but it all feels like it is under control oddly enough and I believe it is a matter of trusting the process. This journey is no mistake and through all the challenges I will continue to fight and overcome these obstacles.

This will become my online journal as learn to maneuver this thing we call life. The highs, lows and middle grounds as explore my 20’s in a rather crazy world.

Till next time. This is it for now. Xoxo

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